Medical\Social Alarm

Medical\Social Alarm

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Senior members of our community can have peace of mind in the knowledge that they have access to someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week, if they have need of help or assistance. A

Medical Alarm

Unit can be installed into any residential property.

The system consists of a base unit connected to the telephone line. This unit can be activated via a remote pendant, carried by the user. Once activated, the user can talk directly to one of the Operations Team in our Central Monitoring and Control Centre where listed your keyholders or the emergency services can be contacted.

Social Alarm Monitoring

Social Alarms are ideal for persons who reside alone and who require the comfort of knowing that there will be someone to talk to immediately should they encounter an emergency situation. The alarm unit is connected to the telephone line and is activated via a remote pendent, which is carried or worn by the user. Once activated, the user talks directly to the Central Monitoring and Control Centre who can alert a nominated key holder or the emergency services.

Lone Worker Monitoring

Used to monitor persons who have to work on their own either on a premises or off premises such as Doctors, Nurses and Social workers. A pendant is worn and by pressing a button, a panic alarm and voice channel is opened to the Central Monitoring and Control Centre via GSM link. The Central Monitoring and Control Centre can monitor activity and take agreed appropriate action.

MCM Security Group provides services like medical alarm, social alarm and lone worker alarm monitoring services in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Galway and other counties in Ireland.